Monday, August 20, 2012

Seahawks 2012 Roster At A Glance, August 20

This post is an analysis of the Seahawks 53 man roster, projected for week 1 of the 2012 season.

Offense - 26

QB - Keep 3; Matt Flynn, Russell Wilson, Josh Portis. Tarvaris Jackson will be waved or traded before week 1. Flynn has the skills and experience to be the No. 1. Wilson could contend for that spot in 2013 and play some in '12 if Flynn gets injured.

RB - Keep 4; Marshawn Lynch; Michael Robinson, Leon Washington, Robert Turbin. This unit seems set. Veterans Kregg Lumpkin and Tyrell Sutton can both play, but probably not on this team. Vai Taua looks like a Practice Squad candidate.

OL - Keep 10; Okung, McQuistan, Unger, Giacomini are set; J.R. Sweezy and Duece Lutui are locked in a battle for RG; John Moffitt will be out until week 1 but will make the roster. Backups: Alex Barron, Frank Omiyale, Lemuel Jeanpierre. James Carpenter will start the season on PUP. Rishaw Johnson is a Practice Squad candidate.

TE - Keep 3; Zach Miller. Kellen Winslow, Anthony McCoy. McCoy has blocked well enough to be the no. 3 TE, but still needs to improve his pass catching. Miller seems to be concussion prone, and the clock could be ticking on him, but he is the best blocking TE of the group. Winslow is the pass catching TE. Rookies Sean McGrath (45) and Cooper Helfet (43) are both good prospects and the best one will likely wind up on the Practice Squad.

WR - Keep 6; This is the toughest group to rate, but right now I'd have to go with Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Braylon Edwards, and Ben Obamanu on the outside, with Doug Baldwin and Deon Butler as the slot guys. T.O. and Ricardo Lockette have to step it up to make the squad. Obamanu makes it because of his Special Teams skills. Injuries could take a toll here as Rice and Baldwin have yet to play in preseason. Practice Squad candidates are Jermaine Kearse and Lavasier Tunei.

Defense - 24

DL - Keep 9; This is a deep and talented group. The starters are set with Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane, Alan Branch, and Chis Clemmons. Jason Jones will be a backup and play on passing downs. 1st round pick Bruce Irvin will play a lot in the passing packages. Clinton McDonald and 4th round pick Jay Howard look like keepers. Greg Scruggs seems like the 9th guy. The sleeper is DE Cordarro Law out of Southern Miss. He is likely set for the practice squad.

LB - Keep 6; Another muddled group like the WR's. The starters are set with KJ Wright at the SAM, Bobby Wagner at the MIke, and LeRoy Hill at the WILL. Beyond that it's a guessing game. Mike Morgan has stuck out, but he and Maclom Smith, both USC alums, look like special teamers rather than backups and both are undersized at 226 lbs. Rookie 5th round pick Korey Toomer has the size at 6'2" and 234, but hasn't shown much in preseason. Heath Farwell also looks like a special teams standout. Backup MIke Barrett Ruud looks like his tank is empty. Best guess is that it's Toomer, Morgan, and Farwell, but this could be a spot where the Hawks cut everyone but the starters and Toomer and then scan the waiver wire for help after the final cutdown.

DB - Keep 9; The starters are set and they are the best group in the NFL. Pro Bowlers Brandon Browner, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas are joined by near-Pro Bowler Richard Sherman. Jeron Johnson has the backup safety spot clinched. Chris Maragos (42) is a cruncher. Winston Guy (27) is a player the team would like to keep but he has to improve his special teams play over game 2 or he could end up on the Practice Squad.

CB backups are likely Phillip Adams and Byron Maxwell, with Marcus Trufant a keeper as the slot guy. There's a lot of question as to whether Tru has enough left in the tank. We'll see. Walter Thurmond will start the season on PUP.

Specialists - Keep 3; Snapper Clint Gresham, P John Ryan, and K Steven Hauschka.

Practice Squad (7) - Vai Taua (RB), Rishaw Johnson (OL), Sean McGrath (TE), Jermaine Kearse (WR), Lavasier Tunei (WR), Cordarro Law (DE), Winston Guy (S)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 Draft Scenarios - Part 1 - The Line

Seahawks 2011 Projected Pick Breakdown

Round Pick
1 25
2 57*
3 No pick
4 103* (From SF via NE for Deion Branch)
4 131* (Possible Compensatory pick, assumes 3 compensatory picks at the end of round 3)
5 153*
5 154* (from BAL for Josh Wilson)
6 173* (From DET for Lawrence Jackson)
7 198* (from CLE for Seneca Wallace)

*Assumed position based on 2010 finish; does not include possible compensatory picks.

Overview: With 8 potential picks in the 7 rounds the Seahawks are well positioned to add quality starters and depth in the 2011 draft. They also have the potential to combine some picks and move up to improve their draft positions.

The Hawks proved last year they could find quality at the top of the draft (Russel Okung #6, Earl Thomas #14) and in the middle rounds (Walter Thurmond, 4th round #111, Kam Chancellor, 5th round #133). However WR Golden Tate (2nd round, #60) had a disappointing rookie year and DL E.J. Wilson (4th round, #127) was a complete bust, being waived by the team late in the season. Sixth rounder Anthony McCoy and 7th rounder Jamethon Konz ended up as the 4th and 5th TE's on the squad and neither played a down.

The good news about 2011 is that all the Hawks draft picks are in the top 200, and Schneider and Carroll proved they could find value in those lower picks. So given that, let's take a look at one potential scenario for the 2011 Seahawks draft choices.

Scenario 1 – Draft For The Line

Round Pick Rank Player Pos School Stats
1 25 39 Phil Taylor DT Baylor 6-4/337
2 57* 83 Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada 6-5/225
3 No pick
4 103* 108 Vincent Brown WR S.D. St. 5-11/184
4 131* 140 Jalil Brown CB Colorado 6-0/200
5 153* 153 Marcus Gilbert OT Florida 6-6/329
5 154* 139 Stanley Havili FB USC 6-1/228
6 173* 173 Zach Hurd OG Conn. 6-7/325
7 198* 198 Mike Mohamed ILB Cal. 6-1/241

Round 1 - Pick #25 - Given the depth of the draft at the DL position and given the Hawks needs on both lines, this pick is likely to be spent on a lineman. Baylor's Phil Taylor (#39 ranking) has the massive size and Top-20 talent to play over the nose or at the 3 technique DT. Call him Brandon Mebane insurance. Ingnoring the 5 technique DE position could be a problem if Red Bryant can't come back 100%, but the Seahawks do have Kentwan Balmer and Raheem Brock to potentially fill that position. And Taylor has too much upside to pass up. He could be a trainwrecker inside, especially if teamed with Mebane.

Round 2 - Pick #57 - The Seahawks need a young QB to become their heir apparent to Matt Hasselbeck, and Colin Kaepernick fills that void. At 6-5/255 Kaepernick possesses mobility, a strong arm, and better accuracy than UW's Jake Locker. Based on his current rank (#83 prospect) this pick could be a reach, but there is always a premium on QB's and Kaepernick could end up rising much higher after the combine.

Round 4 - Pick #103 - With the disappointing rookie year of Golden Tate and the late season injury to Deon Butler, the Hawks have a need at WR. I love San Diego St. wideout Vincent Brown (#108). Brown had a fantastic Senior Bowl week, catching everything in sight and showing an ability to separate from the corners covering him. Possessing a burst off the line, explosiveness out of his cuts and sticky hands, Brown could be the steal of the draft.

Round 4 - Pick #131 - Corner is now the need position on the board, and the Hawks found a good DB last year near this pick with Kam Chancellor. Both Chris Rucker of Michigan St. (#133, 6-2/200, 4.55) and Jalil Brown of Colorado (#140, 6-0/200, 4.49) measure up for size and speed. With Marcus Trufant on the decline the Hawks need help here, and I like Brown just a little bit better.

Round 5 - Pick #153 - If the Seahawks keep these picks, then it's time to pick up some road graters. Florida OT Marcus Gilbert projects exactly to this pick and comes in at 6-6/329. That's road grater material right there.

Round 5 - Pick #154 - Projects out as the Ravens pick for Josh Wilson. The Hawks select USC FB Stanley Havili (#139, 6-1/228). Some may scoff at taking a FB this high, especially with other needs, but Havili is a good blocker, which should make it easier for the Hawks to run max protect and get John Carlson out in the passing patterns more often instead of being stuck inside to block. He can also catch the ball out of the backfield, with 84 career receptions for 894 yards (over 10 yards per catch) and 10 TD's. Also had a 6.4 yards per carry career average.

Round 6 - Pick #173 - The second road grater, Zach Hurd, OG, of Connecticut. 6-7/325 says it all.

Round 7 - Pick #198 - Mike Mohamed, ILB, Cal. The Hawks need depth at ILB, and Mohamed plays all out every down.

Trade Up Scenario: The Hawks trade the #103 pick and the #154 pick to move up into the late 3rd round and take USC CB Shareece Wright, 5-11/184. They then take Havili at #133 and Ronald Johnson, USC WR/KR at #153.

Round Pick Rank Player Pos School Stats
1 25 39 Phil Taylor DT Baylor 6-4/337
2 57* 83 Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada 6-5/225
3 No pick
4 91* 91 Shareece Wright CB USC 5-11/182
4 131* 139 Stanley Havili FB USC 6-1/228
5 153* 153 Ronald Johnson WR USC 5-11/186 (4.46)
6 173* 173 Zach Hurd OG Conn. 6-7/325
7 198* 198 Mike Mohamed ILB Cal. 6-1/241

A Seahawk Boys Manifesto: How to Fix The NFL for the 21st Century

1. 16 Game Schedule - Time to enshrine this one in the annals of sports history. 16 games is the perfect season. Not too long, keeps you wanting more. Unlike MLB, the NBA, and NHL, which go on far too long.

2. Schedule Rotation - Eliminate the "1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4" scheduling. It's irrelevant. Next year the Seahawks will travel to Dallas for the third time in five years and Pittsburgh for the second time in five years, with no return dates. Instead, play six games in your division (2 each home and away); six in your conference on a rotating schedule (2 from each other divisions in your conference, such as Dallas (East) Carolina (South) and Green Bay (North) at home; Washington (East) New Orleans (South) and Detroit (North) away. Swap the other two teams from each division the next year, then reverse the home/away matchups and repeat. Play one team from each of the other Conference divisions each year for the final four games. You play every team in your conference every other year, and host them at least once every four years. Likewise you would play every AFC team once every four years and host every AFC team once every eight years. Guaranteed.

3. TV - Make a minimum of 6 games available FREE each weekend. Two each on CBS and FOX, one on NBC, MNF on ESPN. Get rid of blackouts and blocking out-of-market games. No more weekends where you only get one morning game and one afternoon game. Dump the Sunday Ticket deal with DirecTV and make all games available in all markets on all cable/satellite systems on Pay-Per-View.

4. Free Agency - Players become unrestricted free agents after four years. Franchise tag can only be applied for one year. Free agents with less than four years service time are Restricted Free Agents. Teams have right-of-first-refusal on RFA's. End tendering and draft pick compensation for signing RFA's.

5. The Draft - Institute a rookie salary cap, with schedules for bonuses and salaries. Adjust the schedules every two years. Reduce the draft to six rounds with the 7th round as a "Compensatory" round. Teams that lose more players than they sign in FA get a compensatory pick for each FA lost over FA's signed. Example: Detroit loses 6 FA's and signs 4. They get two compensatory picks, awarded in inverse order of their finish. If Detroit has the worst record, and 7 other teams receive compensatory picks; Detroit would get picks 1 and 9 in the 7th round.

6. Rules Changes -

• Make Intentional grounding legal. Getting the QB to throw it away is already a win for the defense and it would protect quarterbacks.
• Make offensive holding a five yard penalty.
• Hits above the shoulder pads are not allowed. Any player that hits above the shoulder receives a game ejection and $25,000 fine. Second offense in the same season is an ejection, $50,000 fine, and one-game suspension without pay. Third offense is ejection, $150,000 fine, and three game suspension.
• Any player who has two hands on the ball and two feet on the ground for one second has a catch, regardless of whether or not the ball then hits the ground.
• Eliminate the tuck rule.

7. The Season - Start the season on Labor Day Weekend. Have three games scheduled on Labor Day Monday. Start the season with a Thursday night Super Bowl Rematch.

8. The Playoffs - Add a fourth Wild Card (7th playoff team) in each conference, bringing the total to 14. It's not like the fans want less playoff football, and why should the 2nd place team in each conference get a first week bye? Make them play like everybody else.

9. Start Times - Make a simple rule; no western team (Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Arizona, Denver) traveling across multiple time zones (Central or Eastern) should have to play a game before 1:00 PM in their local market. This gives the eastern teams a massive, and unnecessary, advantage.

10. The Super Bowl - Get it back to the last weekend in January. The season is long enough already. February is for Valentine's Day, the Daytona 500, and snowstorms.

--Dave Bara

Friday, April 30, 2010

Seahawks Projected 2-Deep

Seahawks Starters and 2-Deep Depth Chart 2010 (Projected)

LT - Okung* LG - Hamilton+ C-Spencer RG - Unger RT - Locklear TE - Carlson
(Locklear) Gibson Byers+ Vallos Willis Baker+
WR - Housh QB - Hasselbeck WR – Branch
M. Williams Whitehurst+ Tate*
FB - Schmidt RB - White+
Griffith Forsett


LE - Jackson LT - Mebane RT - Cole RE – Clemons+
C.J. Wilson* Bryant Nickerson+ Davis*

OLB - Hill MLB - Tatupu OLB - Curry
Herring Hawthorne McCoy+

LCB - Trufant SS - Chancellor* FS - Thomas* RCB - J. Wilson
Jennings Milloy Babineaux Thurmond*

* = 2010 Draft pick
+ = 2010 FA/Trade

15 of 44 = New players
5 of 22 = New starters

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seahawk Boys 2010 Draft Projections

Round Pick Player Position Size School Rank Comments

1 - 6 Brian Bulaga LT 6-6/314 Iowa 6
Experienced in the zone blocking scheme. No. 3 rated left tackle. Could move inside to guard in the future.

1 - 14 Everson Griffen DE 6-4/273 USC 23
Played for Carroll at USC. Great rush end with speed to the football. No. 3 rated DE.

2 - 60 Chad Jones SS 6-2/221 LSU 78
No. 1 ranked SS. ‘Excellent in run support and closes well’; also returns kicks.

4 - 104 Dan LeFevour QB 6-3/230 Central Michigan 100
Accurate arm, good size and mobility. Not great on the deep ball. QB-of-the-future prospect.

4 - 127 Zane Beadles OG 6-5/310 Utah 132
Played in zone blocking scheme at Utah. Scouted recently by Hawks. Did 30 reps on the bench at Utes Pro Day.

5 - 133 LeGarrette Blount RB 6-1/241 Oregon 173
A big back that loves to hit. Size and speed combo puts him on Hawks radar.

5 - 139 Larry Asante SS 6-0/212 Nebraska 159
Experienced player with good size and hitting ability fills need for a second safety.

6 - 176 A.J. Jefferson CB 6-0/193 Fresno St. 195
Good size at 6 feet and 3/8 and a 4.42 speed is hard to find in the sixth round.

7 - 245 Freddie Barnes WR 6-0/215 Bowling Green 242
Just decent size and speed (4.67) but the fact is he gets open. Holds NCAA record of 155 receptions in a single season.